Special Projects

What is a Special Project

Special projects is an activity which can mean a lot of things, which we don’t do as a business pillar:

– Special research in technologies for AI, Machine learning, Databases

– POCs for various technologies

– Tools for performing special tasks

– Research for technologies and vendors in very special areas like Cybersecurity, Distributed computing, Distributed Databases, etc.

– Research for protection technologies: scanning engines, threat intelligence feeds, URL webservices

– others…

Why would someone give us such projects ?

In general, enterprises have all resources allocated to projects. In order to assign some internal resources to a special project, they would

need to either hire new employees or re-allocate existing employees from current projects to start new ones and thus delay the projects.

These activities are very expensive for a company.

Much cheaper and less problematic internally is to describe the activity one time and give this description to someone external to execute it.

The results would be communicated in a weekly meeting and in writing.

Work and Output

Each project is described clearly and  has a start date and an end date.

We will discuss the deliverables and write down what will be delivered when.

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