What is Security Awareness Training?


Security awareness training teaches you

  • to spot fake emails, websites, offers,
  • to avoid risks online,
  • what to do if you’ve made a mistake
  • to use good cyber-hygiene practices at work and at home
  • to explain and teach others the above.



  • The world is getting more digital
    • Business, banking, healthcare, etc. is all online
  • Crime is following the same trend
    • Worldwide ransomware attacks
    • High-profile hacks in the news
    • Phishing emails are more sophisticated each day
  • New privacy laws and regulations
    are being enacted (GDPR)



  • Technology alone cannot protect you from everything
  • Because the online world is so interconnected, everyone is a target, no matter if you are an individual, small business or huge enterprise
  • If just one of your accounts gets breached, criminals can use it to breach others
  • Criminals may target personal accounts and data to breach corporate ones, and vice versa
  • Fraud and identity theft don’t just affect an individual; can affect your family, friends, coworkers, and business


Our training can be delivered in German, English and Romanian.
This is the first step to a more secure company.



Agenda Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Agenda Cybersecurity Awareness Training


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