The base product:TUXGUARD Endpoint Protection

We build Whitelabel Antivirus products in various flavours.

Our main product, the base product from which the whitelabel products are built, is called TUXGUARD Endpoint Protection. Also the version for Windows Servers is available and it is called: TUXGUARD Server Protection.


The entire interception and detection technology is available in the basic product:

  • Real time scanner (drivers, service) logic
  • On demand scanner  (Quick Scan, Full System Scan, Custom Scan, etc.)
  • Traybar program and notifications
  • Protection Cloud integration (configurable, optional)
  • False Positive Prevention (configurable, optional)
  • Updater program and continuous updates for Product and Detection
  • Ability to be remotely controlled
  • Local configuration file for advanced users
  • All calls to services are configurable and they can be switched off (telemetry, updates,etc).
  • Integration with Windows Security Center (we are members of the Microsoft Virus Initiative)
  • Installer/Uninstaller in English and German (other languages are possible on request)


Supported operating systems

Windows 7.1 SP1 and above


Hardware requirements

(for our product)

  • An Intel-compatible processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB HDD


The product is extremely fast, even on a full system scan it never consumes more than 130 MB RAM and uses maximum 10% of the CPU (one core).

The product is L1 certified by Microsoft and will be present in the “Consumer antivirus software providers for Windows”

The product has received many Virus Bulletin 100% certifications as can be seen here.


Detection features

  • Heuristic and generic detection
  • Dynamic detection by emulation and behavioral analysis
  • Machine learning for offline detection
  • Scanning of all file and archive types
  • Zero-day malware detection – machine learning online and offline detects new and previously unknown malware types
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT) – specially crafted malware for specific goals. Due to the small number of infected files, the malware can only be detected as zero-day malware in a dynamical way.


Cloud based technologies

  • Machine learning technologies
    • Dynamical analysis of uploaded files (Windows executables)
    • All files and information stay in Germany at all times
  • False Positive prevention
      • False positive control: Avoiding false positives in real time


Detection provider

Default provider is Avira.

On request, we can add other engine providers as well.

You would need to sign a contract with the provider according to your needs.

Customization levels

There are four types of customization, depending on customer’s needs.

These include various aspects of the product:

  • icons
  • product name
  • file version information like : product, owner, etc
  • code signing signature


How to get started

Contact us in order to start discussing your requirements.

Based on your needs, budget, time frame, volume of licenses sold, we will create a package with an offer.