Why companies producing security software need 3rd party help in adding additional security technologies

If you produce some security software (Anti-malware, Anti-ransomware, URL Filter, etc.) you should never count only on one source of knowledge to deliver your product’s value to the customers.

Many companies think that this is their core competence and they refuse to look into other directions.

This is fundamentally wrong, even if you are a large enterprise with a lot of development and research power.

Why ?

Here are the top 6 reasons:

  1. Now matter how good your research is, you definitely have some gaps or weaknesses in the existing technology. Nobody can cover everything!
  2. I know from real-world examples how a 3rd party technology added as complement (on top or in parallel) has been successful in other organizations, and the benefits in terms of increased security, reduced R&D costs, and improved performance are much higher than the price paid for licensing or usage.
  3. If you use a consulting company who knows either your technology or 3rd party technologies, your skip a lot of research for finding the right solution, negotiate the terms and additionally, they can help you integrate with your existing solutions.
  4. Your clients will appreciate that the overall security is not 100% relying on your R&D and that other approaches are used. This will help them save money on buying another layer of protection in order to cover the gaps your product/technology has (see 1) .
  5. Working with others is the only way of staying ahead of evolving security threats and the only of benefiting of the competitive advantages that other solutions provide.
  6. The overall return on investment might not be immediately positive, but the long-term benefits for the company and for the clients will cover the costs multiple times.


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