Build or Buy your own antivirus product

We can help you decide if you should build your own antivirus product or if you should license an OEM or whitelabel product.
If you are thinking of building an antivirus product in order to offer your customers 360 degree protection, you are on the right track.
Many companies are doing this and are successful.
This applies to you if you are a NG Firewall, UTM, gateway security producer, but also if you have a system optimizer, system cleaner, system repair tools.
Both options come with advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the needs of the customer, on the budget, number of potential customers, time frame …
If you want to build, we can help you build your own antivirus: Here are more details about Building your Antivirus

If you want to license a whitelabel product, we have the product and know-how: Here are more details about a Whitelabel Product

Here is an article that might help you decide.

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